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We take pride in being at the forefront of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for these crucial building components.

Our specialized team of engineers and technicians utilizes advanced VDC/BIM tools to streamline the design and coordination of mechanical and plumbing systems. By digitally constructing these elements, we ensure greater accuracy, efficiency, and reduced chances of clashes during the construction phase.


Constructability Review & Routing Optimization

Contract drawings and P&IDs are diagrammatic. When providing our constructability review services, we start with relevant markups and routing optimizations. It means the first steps in creating buildable models and construction shop drawings. To do that effectively, VEC’s plumbing and mechanical BIM experts dive deeply into available drawings and specifications. Our intent is to find issues that may appear in the field and propose buildable solutions. The latter can cover access requirements, routing optimization, VE options, and general design clarifications.

Prefabrication Planning

Finding prefabrication construction opportunities is vital for cost and time savings. This process helps redefine the way your project is delivered. From modular in-wall fixture rough-ins to equipment skids and stanchions — we can assist you in prefabrication activities and ensure schedule improvements and better safety at the job site.

3D Mechanical Modeling & Coordination

We leverage BIM to visualize the optimal outcome for mechanical designers and builders. This means we only build our mechanical models after reviewing and redlining contract drawings, aligning on installation means and methods, and confirming material selection. That ensures valuable data, including valve tag information and bill of materials, can be captured accurately and efficiently when coordinating the 3D mechanical model.

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