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We are pioneers in Electrical Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), revolutionizing the way electrical systems are designed and coordinated.

Sambalordz roots in the construction world began with electrical modeling, which continues to inspire our journey. Since the electrical scope presents one of the most significant challenges regarding design and installation, our BIM electrical specialists always do their best to eliminate risks and deliver projects successfully. From kickoff to Trimble installation, we provide customers with the leanest system possible, coordinating our electrical 3D modeling with their project teams.

We start the process by setting project parameters, studying design documentation, and coordinating preferences with the field team. After that, our electrical VDC experts use such parameters to create redline PDFs and conduit schedules. Once the client is satisfied with the system we have redlined, we push through a rigorous electrical BIM modeling phase with coordination supervised by our team’s construction professionals.


Redlining & Preplanning

First, we analyze single-line diagrams and feeder schedules, which are critical for laying out the project’s main distribution systems. Then, we sift through lighting, power, and telecom options to determine the flow of home runs and branch systems throughout the building while maintaining the integrity of the original design.

BIM Modeling & Coordination

Our experts review proposed designs, plan sequencing within each construction specialization, identify potential issues, and suggest how to boost construction performance. The particular constructability efforts minimize onsite construction work (or rework) and ensure proper safety and efficiency on the field. Here, our goals include:

Prefabrication / Spool Sheets / BOM

We can create the BIM model right the first time, covering all the client’s means and methods, system routing, and prefabrication preferences. When starting each project, our team spends time with the field workers to understand their preferred methods and prefabrication desires and capabilities. We familiarize ourselves with all available options.

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